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Trading Conditions

Since we are an STP broker, we apply a small mark up on all of our trading items. The widening of spread during special market conditions comes from the source and the broker does not do this on purpose. We always look after our clients’ interests.

The Broker has the right to cancel the given bonus at any time if the related department suspects any type of abuse happens on a certain account.

The Broker does not allow traders to exceed their given margins by opening hedged trades. The Broker will have the right to close the orders if it does not comply with this policy because this would expose the broker to a great danger that could cause huge financial losses.

The Broker covers the resulted losses that occurred by account liquidation slippage. The broker does not guarantee non-slippage conditions. Slippage can happen at any time during special market conditions or news. And this slippage goes in both ways.

We only allow scalping on variable spread type of accounts. If any scalping conducted on fixed spread accounts, then it will result in a complete termination of the agreement.

The Broker does not allow NEWS TRADING of any type. Full Margin trading method before news releases will result in a complete termination of the agreement and profits will be removed and negative balance should be covered by the client.

The Broker set a STOP-OUT-LEVEL of 10% of the margin to protect both the trader and the company from getting into a negative balance.

Since pricing comes from through a third party, sometimes glitches or wrong quotes happen, in case this happens, then the company has the right to cancel those trades whether they gained profits or beard losses.

Using full equity before the market closes or any type of abuse intending to maximize profits in any illegitimate way that conflicts with our trading conditions will result in a cancellation of those trades whether they gained profits or beard losses.

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